About US

Construction of the
Vert Voltige Adventure Park

AT Bosdarros


is a team of adventure parks experts. We are passionate
for the innovation in aerial environments and we keep
on searching accessories and parts to offer you and your customers a unique experience, that combines efficiency, safety and simplicity.

The innovation and perseverance in research and on-site experimentation allow Vert Voltige to be proactive, but also to adapt to all needs by designing parts that can be easy to use by everybody.

Vert Voltige is proud to sell very high quality products, that are backed by cleverness in the conception stage, and a remarkable design. Whether you prefer having some fun in the outdoors, or reaching high altitudes areas as fast as possible and be performant, we will be by your side.

First sketches of
the continuous belay system designed
by Vert Voltige


Patent application N°10 03 196 at INPI

First sales of the system in neighbouring parks




First SNEPA fair Strasbourg

SNEPA Innovation challenge
AT LLoret del Mar

Award for the most innovative company
thanks to our continuous belay system.

Creation of PETALES platforms



The company expand and
sell their system in new countries

Since cable clamps were viewed as too ineffective and jerky to meet with our high standards, Vert Voltige innovated again with the Mac systems, regarded as bringing much more fluidity in the process.

Sales growth

The system gains fame in the USA thanks to our partner, and exciting and challenging equipment processes are underway.More than 60 parks benefit from our system in the USA today, amongst which some big ones that gave us their trust.

Ark Encounter, Lake Guntersville, Unicoi Level, Amicalola


Collaboration with the American Adventure parks systems and invitation at several fairs such as Orlando or ACCT.

US Patent approved and European extension still underway. 
Uspto approved 15003663





Historic Banning Mills

Vert Voltige was chosen to equip the park with the most zip lines in the world. (WORLD GUINESS).

M. Holder and his team gave us their trust, and we keep honouring it today by designing customized and innovative products for them.

Pack Mac 7 - CBS transfert



Disengageable, interchangeable shell, unlimited wear. Still as handy. Lightweight, aesthetic and intuitive for children.

First automatic hook
with drop detection in the world.


This system is a landmark for simplicity and efficiency, whether it is aimed at being used in big structures,
 or to smaller parks that offer a different kind of experience to their customers. This system relies upon
a simplicity in its implementation, and in its handling
by customers and adventure parks’ staff members.




1131 chemin de cazet

64290 Bosdarros  - France

Tel : (+33)5 24 36 25 49 
Mail : vertvoltige@gmail.com



Voltige Innovation System Patent n° : 10 03 196

Bureau Veritas Certification N° : 3155BDX11

EN 795 Certified  Apave

CE hook APAVE 0082

US Patent (USPTO) Approved 15003663